It really is! Drizzle, everywhere looking grey and miserable – not a day to be out planting onions, leeks maybe, but definitely not onions.

So, what to do on such a day apart from getting depressed even more by the global situation – politically and environmentally. How to bring some colour into a post and at least let me feel uplifted? The answer just might be to give you a rare view of the inside of our hidey-hole cabin. It might help to explain why we love it so much up here.

the lovely old doors and the bread oven

kilims old and new

beautiful Palestinian embroidery – a cabin-warming gift from dear friends

the comms centre – laptops, Bose, DVDs, CDs, Books, radio, etc there’s even a tv for MotoGP

The outlook may be gloomy but we are cozy and contented at 1200mts. Alan

ps Looking for the famous Okçular book and PDF of walks and cycle rides? Then click here

20 thoughts on “A Gloomy Outlook

  1. Absolutely Brilliant what a wonderful job you have both done, it’s more than a home from home, every one can see now why you want to spend so much time there.

  2. A and J,

    Really, we envy you your lovely place. It is the essence of coziness. And although we may seem disloyal, but we’re glad you’re getting some rain, too. Fill up that darn reservoir! Love xoxo J and M

    1. Good morning guys! As for the baraj, we were there yesterday and the outlook is pretty gloomy unless there is an awful lot of rain/snow. It doesn’t effect us yet as we get our supply from a different source but wonder how other locals will cope.
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