A Bit Of ‘One-Downmanship’

J and I had a glorious ramble up and down the mountain that constitutes our ‘back garden’ today. We’ve learned (after 15 years) that the local distribution range of the Armenian Tulip is much larger than the two little pockets we’d previously found. We’ve added yet another species of orchid to Okçular’s tally – it must be thirty or thirty one now! And seen a ‘seldom seen by casual walkers’ species that’s related to the largest flower in the world.

Here’s a few photos of this mornings wanderings, starting with a bit of inverted ‘one-upmanship’ with our blogging friends and kindred spirits from Istanbul, the ‘Senior Dogs‘. Do check out their posts, you’ll find it well worth your time.

Tulipa armena ssp lycica – Armenian Tulips growing wild in the ‘steppes’ of Okçular


Cytinus ruber – Cytinus, a parasite only on the pink Cistus or Rock Rose; amazing to think it is in the same Rafflesia family as the world’s largest flower

 Raffelesia from Indonesia

unknown but very beautiful

Muscari macrocarpum – only all yellow Muscari

Quince blossom

. . and finally – today’s Star Find . .

Dactylorhiza romana – Roman Orchid

Dactylorhiza romana – Roman Orchid – an encore!

 Alan Fenn, Okçular Köyü

20 thoughts on “A Bit Of ‘One-Downmanship’

  1. Alan, Thanks so much for your generous tip of the pen to our blog. Really, it never ceases to amaze us the incredible diversity of the flowers on the ‘steppes’ of Okçular. Since we have your book, we already had a little hint but you keep finding new ones! The tulips are stunning but we particularly loved the electric pink of the cytinus. And of course the orchid is fabulous. It’s easy to see why springtime is so busy for you. Keep those flowers coming.

  2. Oh, and I’ve just read the post of the pics we’ve repinned on Pinterest. Didn’t know the Armenian Tulip was called that – but then we’re not good on our wildflowers / wildlife. We keep trying… The flower sellers in Fethiye are selling bunches of them at the moment. So pretty – not that we buy them. They look pretty just where they grow.

    1. Hi Julia, never considered it a requirement to know/understand/etc anything in order to enjoy it – a ‘WOW!’ should be all that’s needed 🙂

    1. Hi Özlem, lovely to have you here. So many are commenting on the fabulous displays in Istanbul – I think the whole country is coming on in leaps and bounds with mixed tree planting everywhere – just wonderful.

  3. Hi Alan,

    Ah, you are so lucky to have all this wonderful plant variety near you. I had no idea about all the orchids! Here in New England I’ve yet to see even a bud of anything. Okay, I saw a few pussy willow buds slowly opening. Have you ever been to the mountains in the Black Sea region? The spring wild flowers are incredible. My mother-in-law said she counted roughly 40 different kinds before she finally gave up counting! Of course, there were all gone a few weeks later, thanks to the hungry cows. 🙂

    1. . . it really is ‘Incredible Okcular’ Justine. J and I have been to the Black Sea area on a number of occasions and the flowers are amazing – we have also travelled much else in Turkey and everywhere has its season. When I made a project to photograph some of the flowers in Okcular I was staggered to picture more than 400 in two months!

      1. Alan, this is off-topic. Have you heard from Liz at Slowly? She’s been off-line for a while and not responding to emails. I’m a bit concerned.

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