'Burası Türkiye!' 'This is Turkey!'

37 Reasons To Live In Turkey (from Russia but could apply to UK)

Friendship of Turkey and Russia

Friendship of Turkey and Russia


The article published in Russia with the headline “37 reasons to live in Turkey” caused great controversy, reported the daily Milliyet in Turkey. The article explains the positive aspects of living in Turkey from the eyes of an anonymous Russian.

The article was considered as having been written in order to criticize Russia, however the Russians who know Turkey regard it as too far-fetched. Here are the reasons listed in the article:

1. No profane graffitis on the walls.

2. They have 340 sunny days a year.

3. No need to buy seasonal dresses or shoes in every winter since they don’t have winters at all.

4. All sides of the country are surrounded by sea.

5. They have always fresh fruits and vegetables.

6. It’s possible to buy a 100-meter-square house in Antalya by selling an average flat in Russia.

7. Everyone is polite and friendly except Russian tourists in the country.

8. Homeless, poor or Roman people are not begging on the streets everyday.

9. No alcoholics or drug addicts that are yelling out behind the bushes.

10. Drug sellers and addicts are sent to jail.

11. Communists and Fascists are not wandering grabbing a flag in their hands.

12. One can see mountains and seas while looking out of window. Not the youngsters who hold swastika flags.

13. A Tulip Country not vodka.

14. No noisy Mercedes’ that never obey traffic rules.

15. No people to claim supernaturally talented.

16. They don’t have population problem to solve with Chinese and Uzbek people.

17. They put drunk drivers into jail and confiscate their driving licenses.

18. The crime rate does not double every year.

19. They attend universities in order to reap educational benefits not to escape from military service or to marry.

20. They respect doctors and teachers.

21. They don’t have dandruff shampoo and winged sanitary napkin ads on TV screens in every 5 minutes.

22. They do not insult people who ask for directions.

23. They do not have so-called retirement reforms.

24. The mayors and governors do not kill people and do not take bribes.

25. They don’t mention men and women as lazy or drunkard.

26. Men do not bother with the above qualities to deserve.

27. The citizens are equal before the law.

28. Police officers do not take money from the pocket of a philosophy professor.

29. They don’t behave children as semi-Gods.

30. They do not have serial physico killers.

31. They have clean and hygienic rivers.

32. They don’t eat pork.

33. The number of AIDS and TB victims is not much of African countries.

33. They have safe streets.

35. They don’t make kill their trade partners or opponents.

36. No need to consult bandits to obtain rights.

37. They are religious even though their beliefs are various.


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